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Additional_image_link (Premium feature)

Specify more than one image

By default there is just a single image per product.

In order to add more than one image to a product, you will have to leverage the "additional_image_link" field.

This can then be used to create dynamic slide show ads on Facebook.

How to add multiple images

No Variants #

If your feed uses the No variants setting and you are on a paid plan, you are all set. The feed then adds all available product images from shopify to each item in the feed.

Include all Variants #

If you are not using the No variants setting, the additional_image_link field will not automatically be filled as this would result in a lot of duplicate images for all the available variants. You can manually add any images you like (does not have to be a Shopify product image), though

This is how to do it in a nutshell:

  1. Log into your shopify shop
  2. Access bulk editor by putting /admin/bulk?resource_name=Product&edit=metafields.facebook.additional_image_link behind your shop URL
  3. The bulk editor page comes up, where you can then enter any URL's divided by commas under the additional image link field
  4. You are done:)