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Automatic Image Resizing (Premium feature)

Don’t you hate it when your product images get cropped in your facebook ads?

No worries! Flexify can resize your images on the fly to conform to the square format that facebook needs for product/carousel ads. This is done without cropping or distorting the image: The remaining space is filled with extended pixels from the edge of the image. This image transformation is called an "affine clamp".

How it works #

Facebook needs a square image for product/carousel ads. To get that they just cut off some pixels from the edges of your images like this:

cropped images suck

What you actually want most of the time with product images is to “add some pixels”.

Affine Clamp #

The most convenient way to do this without cropping or distorting the image is to fill the remaining space with extended pixels from the edge of the image. This image transformation is called an “affine clamp” (in case you wanted to know).

affine clamp FTW

This transformation works nicely with images that show products that have been presented against a uniformly colored background.

Solid Color Fill #

It could also be that you always want to fill up the remaining space with a solid color. We also support that.

Solid color fill

Even more options #

You can also do fun stuff like this

Extensive customization

How to use it #

To replace every image with an automatically resized image use the feed at

for square images optimized for facebooks Carousel format. This results in images with 600x600 pixels.


for images optimzed for facebooks Single Image format. This results in images with 1200x630 pixels.

(replace in the linsk above with your shop domain)

The default is to use the “affine clamp” transformation. If you want to use “solid color fill” instead you need to append an additional query paramter to the feed url with the color value.


Valid values are 3-value (rgb), 4-value (argb), 6-value (rgb), or 8-value (argb) hexadecimal colors. In the above example we choose FFFFFF, the Hex value for white.

Costs #

Please note: If you use this feature additional charges may apply!

When Facebook (or anyone else) requests an image that is linked in your feed, that image gets transformed/resized on-the-fly.

You subscription comes with 500 free transformations every month. Every additional 1000 transformations will be charged $4.

Once you've used up your free image transformations for a month you'll obtain 1000 credits/transformations for $4. These credits don't expire at the end of the month. For example: If you need 1000 image transformation requests per month you'll be charged $4 once every two months only.

Facebook caches all images so each image transformation should only be triggered once.

Still, we cannot control the sources that request the images and the frequency of these requests. After setting up a feed with image transformation enabled you should check the usage stats on the app dashboard during the first days to make sure the number of requests are not out of line.

The maximum amount that can be charged per month is capped at $400 for safety reasons. If you need a larger cap, please drop us a line at [email protected].