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Feed Pagination (Premium feature)

With Feed Pagination you can generate Facebook product catalogs of (almost) any size, containing all the products and variants you have.

Feed pagination will split up your store’s items into multiple feeds. You can then add those feeds to your Facebook product catalog where they will get combined into a single product set.

This is a premium feature and it can be a bit tricky to set up. If you are using the premium version already, drop us a line and we're happy to help you set things up.

If you feel brave and want to try it yourself, read on..

How to set up feed pagination #

You will need to generate multiple feed urls by adding two query parameter:

  • limit – The number of Shopify products per feed page (default is 500)
  • page - The feed page number

The limit and page query string should always be used together. They can also be used in conjunction with all the other available query strings used for configuring your feed.

If you are subscribed to the paid version you can visit (replace YOURSHOP) for a personalized setup information.