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Excluding certain products

Use Facebook products sets or Shopify collections to filter out certain products from your catalog

There are a number of options to exclude certain products from running ads. The two most popular are: 1) Using Facebook product sets or 2) Shopify collections

1. Product sets #

This is the most common approach to exlude certain products from running ads. You can create a product set in facebook business manager. A product set is a sub set of the products in your catalog. So while your feed/catalog will still include all products you would exclude them in a later stage, on Facebook, before runnings ads.

A product set can be build by applying filter rules in a product catalogue - each catalogue can have many product sets.

See here for more details:

In those filter rules you can create product sets by e.g. availability, product type or vendor. You can also use custom labels.

2. Shopify Collection #

Another way to exclude certain products is to never include them in the feed in the first place. A simple way to do this is to create a Shopfiy collection where these products are excluded (e.g. based on a product tag) and then use this collection as the basis of your feed.