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What happens to the old Flexify? (Version 1.0)

We understand not all users are ready to switch over. So by default nothing changes.

For many of our users Flexify is a component of a money-making machine & we totally understand that they don't want to change a working system. "If it works, don't touch it" is a valid approach!

That's why by default for existing customers nothing changes. The old Flexify feed & user interface remains available as well as all the advanced features like custom labels & feed pagination.

You can switch between Flexify 1.0 and the Flexify 2 (SuperFeed) at any time and at no cost.

If you choose to switch over to the new SuperFeed & were a premium user we have grandfathered you in into our MEDIUM plan. This means you continue paying $29 as you were before but get all the benefits or our $49 MEDIUM plan for the SuperFeed.