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Specify Product Images (Premium feature)

You can specify which product images should be used in the feed

The way this works is by leveraging the alt texts of your product images and the following naming convention:

  • If you add an image to the product and enter fb-feed as the alt text it will get picked as the product image for the feed (for all its variants)
  • If you want to assign images on a variant basis you can use values like fb-feed_12345 as the alt text where 12345 is your variant Id. The image should then get picked as the variant’s image for the feed.

Alternative: Specify any image using Metafields

You can add arbitrary images to your products. To input your full image URLs (starting with http:// or https://) you need to attach corresponding metafields to your shopify shop, products or variants.

metafield namespacemetafield key

There are two levels where you can specify your custom labels.

  1. Product level
  2. Variant level

The more specific/higher levels override the less specific/lower levels.

  • If you specify an image on the product level, every variant of this product will have the image.
  • If you specify an image on the variant level, just this variant will have the image – overriding the product level image (if it is set)

You can use shopify’s bulk editor to do so:

  • Edit those fields on the product level in bulk editor by putting /admin/bulk?resource_name=Product&edit=metafields.facebook.featured_image:string behind your shop URL
  • Edit those fields on the variant level in bulk editor by putting /admin/bulk?resource_name=ProductVariant&show=image,full_title&edit=metafields.facebook.featured_image:stringbehind your shop URL