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Why pay for Flexify SuperFeed (Version 2)

We want to keep growing Flexify & want to align our interests with yours.

Our vision is to build the best Shopify product feed available. We're proud to have been in the Shopify App Store for over 4 years & want to continue helping your advertise your Shopify Store. We can't do that without money to survive and grow the business.

By paying for Flexify you help us improve your experience & ensure we keep launching new features like the SuperFeed, which we launched in Fall 2019.

Unlike some other apps on the Shopify App Store we don't use advertising or data sharing agreements to indirectly monetize our app. We believe your customer data is sacred & instead of selling you out we rely on the seemingly revolutionary but centuries-old-concept of "Providing valuable services in exchange for money" to bankroll Flexify.

We have a generous FREE plan available as well as three paid plans:

  • FREE ($0 / month): Up to 1000 products, no premium features
  • SMALL ($29 / month): Up to 2000 products & all premium features
  • MEDIUM ($49 / month): Up to 5000 products & all premium features
  • LARGE (contact us): More than 5000 products & all premium features

If you need more products in your feed, contact us, we can design a custom plan that fits your needs!

In short, if you're making money with your Shopify Store, subscribe to one of our premium plans to support us. Thank you!